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The Land is Magic and Power, unlike many places is not exactly normal, crops grow in abundance here and things that have supernatural or mystical powers are found here either brought hidden or grown here. like the Crystals of the Maze and the Cup of Caine. Crops for medicines magic and recreational use are found here for thriving trade.

It appears to be a peaceful Medieval land but underneath is a pathos of cultism whose lovable citizens will stand by and watch a loved one burned alive in the Wickerman.

The dominate family here is the Labyrinthe and they are a mixed bunch of races led by a Gangrel Monarchy. The King Markus is a ancient vampire whose blood is rich and powerful with his Sire Josephina being a Antediluvian and so it is assumed his abilities were gained without having had to dibererize other powerful ancient Kindreds vitae to get the power and strength....or has he..... is foul whispers from the past of a ancient crime, perhaps this can 
explain Markus in his  Madness.

  His greatest weakness is his conscious which clings to his lost humanity  and almost worship of the ideal of Honor. Most the other Kindreds think Markus is too kind to others but on the Battle field does his warrior nature reign free if in a blood frenzy.

Is not widely known yet but Mythos is not in a real time but is a a quantum time or dimensional warp or reality the mechanics of the warp is being yet to be discovered but a Quantum Dimensional Storm off the shore of Mythos brought the entire Family here in great long ships.

The land is beautiful here but keep your sword ready stay out of the shadows and never walk alone....

there be danger and evil lurks here and never sleeps...
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